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Blogging: BlogHistory

I'm Susan Herzog, Information Literacy Librarian @ Eastern Connecticut State University. This blog is part of my BlogBib, submitted to The Reference Librarian.

Blood, Rebecca. “weblogs: a history and perspective.” Rebecca's Pocket. 7/9/2000. Prolific writer Blood's comprehensive essay on the history and development of weblogs.

Chymes, M. “An Incomplete Annotated History of Weblogs
An abandoned web site, archived in the Internet Archive, still provides a useful timeline, including links, to the earliest blogs.

Paquet, Sébastien. “Personal Knowledge Publishing and Its Uses in Research (1/2).” Université de Montréal.

“Early years
The first weblog was Tim Berners-Lee's ‘What's New?’ page at http://www.w3.org/History/19921103-hypertext/hypertext/WWW/News/
which pointed to new Web sites as they came online. The second weblog was Marc Andreessen's ‘What's New?’ page at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications, which performed a similar function until mid-1996.

Several new weblogs appeared with the explosion of the web in 1996-1997. Early weblogs include Dave Winer's Scripting News
, John Barger's Robot Wisdom, and Cameron Barrett's CamWorld. Although it is now collectively edited, Rob Malda's Slashdot, deserves mention, as it became (and to this day remains) phenomenally popular.”

Timeline of Early Blogs. BLOCKSTAR.
A timeline of blogging's early history with links to some of the first blogs.

Winer, Dave. “The History of Weblogs,” Weblogs.com News, May 17, 2002.
Blogging pioneer Winer, a Harvard Law School Berkman Center fellow, is author of the Scripting News weblog, “which was one of the earliest and is currently the longest-running weblog on the Internet.” He provides pithy commentary and links on the evolution of weblogs.